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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First-Day Flashbacks

Back-to-school photos and memories from Kids VT staff and contributors

Posted By on Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 9:00 AM

All the classroom stories in September’s Back-to-School Issue — now on newsstands and — inspired us to reminisce about our own school days. Here, Kids VT staff and this month's contributors share photos and memories of their first-ever day of school. Read on for the good, the bad and the oh-so-cute.


Managing editor Carolyn Fox, 1991: “I was terrified of school buses! Luckily, I lived down the street from my elementary school and was able to walk there. I got over my fear by the time I had to take the bus in middle school.”


Copy editor Paula Routly, 1965: “I’m wondering why my sister got a real lunch box while I got a measly paper bag? You can tell from the way I'm holding it how much I love lunch. Still do.”


Contributor Sarah Tuff, 1977: “Having just moved from England to Ohio with my family, I was very excited for my first day of kindergarten at an American school! Unfortunately, my British accent was not a hit among my classmates and was gone by Christmas.”


Account executive Kaitlin Montgomery, 1987: “I loved school but dreaded having my mom braid my hair every morning. This photo shows the aftermath of trying to give myself a haircut; it was the only time I had bangs in my life.”


Lead designer Brooke Bousquet, 1982: “My two best friends and I walked to Poultney Elementary School past the office of our local newspaper, the Area News. The editor took this photo and we were in the next issue. The news clipping may still be on the fridge of at least one of our mothers.”


Copublisher Colby Roberts, 1980: “I really enjoyed my elementary school experience — the walk to the bus, recess on the playground, even classes. My teachers all seemed to use storytelling, humor and kindness to deliver their message.”


Contributor Megan James, 1988: “If I could bottle one magical feeling from childhood, it would be the feeling of the first day of school. I picked out my outfit weeks in advance and couldn’t wait to find out who my teacher would be, where I would sit and who would become my new friends.”


Contributor Alice Levitt, 1986: “I would go to kindergarten every day in a different costume. Whether it was as Orko from ‘He-Man’, a ballerina (pictured) or in a gold-and-pink princess dress lovingly crafted by mom, I had it going on. Everyone else, in their Laura Ashley dresses and jumpsuits, was just boring.”

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