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Re: “Little Genius

Great Article! After reading your article I sit here wondering where to even begin. I'll try and keep it, In this case, that's probably not possible. Many people know that the school systems are falling their students by not providing them with what they need. The teacher's hands are tied to all the mandatory demands, testings and stress of showing that their teaching skills are worth their being employed or at least showing a majority of the students are making the set standards which are in my opinion too low. I know whoever fought to have children with learning and behavioral/medical conditions that definitely negatively impacts their learning who thought these students would benefit from being in with students who are at or above where they should be was sadly mistaken. I'd like to see the statistics proving different. These students have para teachers who are with them all day long or most of it and it's not the actual classroom teachers that are teaching these kids it's the para-teachers and it's not being done in the with the class it's being done outside of the classroom when they are disrupting the class so bad that it is detracting from the learning that is supposed to be going on. The teachers have so little control in the classroom it's mind-boggling. The students who want to learn are bored, distracted and frustrated, but hay they are meeting the standard requirements and helping the school with its percentage so when it's convenient the school will be bothered to actually listen to and try to do things to make the test-taking conditions better for them. I'm sure the percentage of gifted students is much higher then what the commissioner "in his experience" believes it to be. Why would he think or actually do or recommend a study to find out what the % actually is that would statistically prove otherwise??? Then this would show a need to have more money/funding/resources spent on a minority of students who the school systems aren't worried about in the first place. Most are smart enough students and have parents who make sure their children get what they need when they need it academically to supplement what the schools are supposedly providing to all students. A free and adequate education. The schools are worried about these kids graduating, getting into colleges or professional positions because it's not what the schools are doing to get them there it's what the students and their families are doing. The state can be proud that they are ranked high for actual graduating student numbers but compared to the other states what percentage are actually employed after graduating. Once again it's probably the higher ranking students that are employed even if they are going full time to college. These students are the ones volunteering and already working while in high school. It would be nice to say and actually believe all students are smart enough to succeed in the real world in professional/high paying occupations or vocational job but that's not realistic. There is a need for more day to day life management skills. Learning how to get a job, keep it and be able to live off from it. How to pay for rent, insurance, food, transportation medical expenses, heat lights, clothing and everyday necessities. Balance a checkbook and live within their means, not in debt or on public assistance. People with pride don't even ask for assistance they go without. Note assistance was once again started by some well-minded individuals who thought if you gave people a hand when they were down and out they would take it and get back on their feet. Some do and most don't. There's no incentive to get off assistance and even being penalized if they try. Does this make any sense at all? Receiving assistance/benefits with no expectations of ever getting a job isn't what it was meant to be. It's not a job and certainly wasn't meant to be a way of life. It's not a job unless you consider figuring out how to stay home to have children, not work to pay for anything, expect others (teachers) to teach your children how to act in a responsible/socially acceptable way and get every benefit that's available. I don't even know if they have expectations for their children to get an education that would even get them accepted into college or be prepared for a vocational job. This is not true for all families but if they are a second, third, fourth generation family that's been living on public assistance public then these are the families I'm talking about. Schools are more than willing to take all the credit for the students that do succeed even if it had hardly anything to do with them. More families will be pulling their students from the public school systems or not even putting them into it right from the beginning. These parents or caregivers are concerned and actively taking charge of their student's education while not getting any monetary breaks/tax refunds or any assistance with the expenses they are incurring in order to provide their students with the neede/required states curriculum and extracurriculars they want/expect their children to have. Homeschooling people say that they will keep paying taxes and not want nor accept anything from the state because there are always strings attached. I totally understand and don't know what the answers are for the Homeschooling Community except keep doing the best they can and be your child's advocates. As more and more Homeschooling families stop working, stop buying homes, stop paying these related taxes, and continue to homeschool their children than maybe the state will realize there is a problem with the current educational system. This will put more burden on the taxpaying middle and upper-class people. These are the people who can afford the services and products the workforce doesn't have enough noncollege educated individuals to fill. The taxpayers are already fed up with all that's going on in the schools and how much money they are paying in that goes towards education that is inadequate. I hope for everybody sake the educational system faces the fact that the system is broken and is in need of an overhaul, not a minor repair!

Posted by Rochelle Wallace on 05/14/2018 at 10:57 PM
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