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What's the Most Fun You've Ever Had With Your Kids in the Snow? 

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Chapin Spencer, Burlington

Director, Burlington Public Works; Daughter Zia, 3

We took my daughter, Zia, ice skating on Lake Champlain. It wasn't exactly in the snow, but we did trek through snow to get there. We brought a sled with us, and when she got tired, she would climb onto it.

Her grandfather, who was there with us, got the idea of skating around in a circle and swinging the sled — with her on it — around him. He spun her around and around. She got a real hoot out of that. It was wonderful to see her skating on such a great big lake, and watching her eyes open wide when she stared through the ice to see the plants and fish at the bottom.

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Emmet Helrich, Burlington

Coordinator, Rapid Intervention Community Court; Sons Luke, 36, Emmet, 33 and Jack, 5

We like to go to the golf course with our dog, William. He's a good runner; he jumps in and out of the snow like a dolphin does in the ocean. Trudging through the snow is tougher for a little kid, but my son Jack just loves getting bundled up and going out in his showshoes.

There's a little island of grass between our house and our neighbor's. Last winter, I was shoveling the driveway and began mounding snow over there, all around Jack. It was deliciously fun to watch his face while I buried him up to his waist in that pile of snow. He loved it!

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Mike Czarny, Williston

Morning radio host, Star 92.9; Son Ethan, 12

Ethan has always loved the snow. He likes snowboarding, and the two of us have built snow forts and gone sledding.

I can picture this day when he was about 3 or 4 years old: Snow had piled up on our cars, and he came outside with me to be "Dad's little helper" getting the snow off his mom's car. He had on a little blue jacket and a red hat with a furry ball on top and strings down the sides.

He was holding a broom about three times as tall as he was. I was doing all the real work, but there he was, just so cute and determined, swiping away at the sides of the car. It was great. He thought he was a really big deal.



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